Friday, October 14, 2011

Lunches October 11-14

This week was a short lunch week and an easy one. We had a day off, one stayed home, one got lunch at work and one didn't bring her lunch box into the kitchen all week so I made lunches in the morning rather than the evening.

Tuesday October 11

I used the pain de mie bread for this and thought it would be a hit since they all like it as toast. I was wrong. Kierynn complained about the crust (even though she eats it on toast) and Iain just asked me to not use it for sandwiches again. The kettle corn came from a local corn maze that we visited over the weekend. Rhys brought back his carrots, which I recycled to Wednesday for him.

Wednesday October 12

The kids have a difficult time opening the cream cheese so I usually clip an end open so it is easier. For some reason, I cut the entire end off and Kierynn reported her main container had cream cheese in it and it got on her bagel, making it unfit to eat. So....she can put cream cheese on the bagel and eat but if the cream cheese gets on the bagel in transit, it can't be eaten. :::::sigh::::: Rhys did eat his carrots this time around.

Thursday October 13

I had fun with this lunch. I found the eyeballs and was just going to toss them in but then decided to put them on the sandwiches. The puzzle pieces really added some character to the face. I had initially put the honey stick diagonally across the compartment but when I was about to take a picture, Iain suggested that I use it as the mouth. I also like the apple lips with the pistachio teeth...which looks green and rotten.

The kids find it amusing that I take pictures of their lunches and want to know who looks at them. I showed them several different sites that I look at that shows lunches that other kids take to school.

Friday October 14

I don't give bananas very often in lunch since the kids don't like them cut but I decided to give it a go today. I use the press and seal wrap on the ends in an attempt to keep it from browning up. Iain said he didn't want a banana. I suggested apple. He said he wanted grapes. I asked him to get the grapes out while I made sandwiches. He said he would take a banana. What a goof!

Since the bananas are in the main compartment, I let him know he had to have his sandwich cut. He was okay with it. Both Kierynn and Rhys has two of their sections made with pain de mie despite Kierynn lodging a complaint earlier in the week. Why? Because it was already in the house and defrosted and I didn't feel like going to the freezer for a new loaf of "regular" bread. I think she will be okay with it since I made sure her pieces were crust free.

Kaitlyn's lunch box saga is over. Last night I told her I wanted it in the kitchen before it walked in there itself. She told me where it was. I told her to get up and go to that location and bring the box to the kitchen. It finally made it those 10 feet to the kitchen. The Easylunchboxes are made well enough that despite it sitting for more than a week, after a good scrubbing, there are no lingering odors (and there was nothing but crumbs in it for that week)

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