Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spacely gets neutered

Spacely went in yesterday for neutering. It was a long day since there were concerns about his liver. One of his numbers was over 200, the normal range is 10-100. Our vet did a bile acid test on him and his number showed normal on that meaning he just has a liver infection, nothing more serious. Whew! This meant that she was able to go ahead and neuter the boy.

While he was under, the vet was able to get a better look in his mouth. She pulled two baby teeth that were loose and still there even though the adult teeth were also in. She can feel teeth in his gum but without an x-ray, can't tell if they are impacted or just need some encouragement to descend. Since he has no problems at the moment, we can wait a bit to decide what our next step is. She also thinks he is a very young dog, maybe 18 months old.

I picked him up after Kaitlyn's riding lesson. He looked very apprehensive when he was brought out but brightened up and wagged when he saw me. He was still woozy from the meds and wearing the cone of shame.

He was able to eat some dinner but spent most of the rest of the evening snoozing. I took him out and he was able to potty with no problems.

He is moving around very well today, snarfed his breakfast and dinner easily. He took his meds this morning in his breakfast. For the most part, he is leaving his stitches alone so now only wears the cone when we can't watch him. This means that he wears it at night, when he is snoozing in his crate.

He got a crate and seems to like sleeping in it. He has a fleece blanket in there and snuggles down into it. When I get up to take the kids to seminary, he blinks at me and goes back to sleep. Tinsel doesn't even bother to look at me...she is not a morning dog.

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