Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lunches October 17-21

Monday October 17

This was a very skimpy lunch, there were some yogurt covered craisins under the smiling cookie. Mondays are half days so I am not worried that they will go hours with no food.

Tuesday October 18

The kids always consider it a good lunch day if there is Pocky in it. The face on the clementine was done with food safe marker. Kierynn loved opening her lunch to see it.

Wednesday October 19

Honey sticks have proven to be popular by all. They like the flavored ones, I like ones that are natural colored rather than dyed neon pink. It is a win win situation

Thursday October 20

Iain decided he wanted to make his own lunch today and he did! I was so pleased when I saw he made a smiley face on his lunch. I did suggest that next time he put the apples in some salt water to prevent them from getting brown but he didn't care. The veggie straws are something they all like. I find them in a huge bag at Sam's. I can find smaller veggie chips at Giant but I prefer to get the huge bag of straws at Sam's.

Friday October 21

Today was a first of the year...a field trip. It was specifically requested that nothing be sent in that needed to come home. I have no way of knowing if Rhys actually ate his carrots or if he just tossed them since there was no ranch to dip them into. The Teddy Grahams in the lunchboxes are the same amount as what is in the little bag. I don't normally buy them in individual servings because they are so much more. It is more economical to buy the large bag and dole them out.

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