Friday, October 7, 2011

Lunches October 3-7

Monday October 3

The weeks started out with a repeat of sorts from last week since it went over well... the turkey cheddar wrap. They look skimpy because they won't eat it if I put in lettuce or anything other than turkey and cheese. I could not find the camera so this is a cell phone picture and rather dark. The dark blobs in the main container are brownie bites. I did jello jigglers again and this time, being thicker, they worked out much better.

Tuesday October 4

We have a long standing family ritual of having pizza on Monday nights so I thought I would send in left over pizza. All the kids eat pizza. They like it cold, not reheated. All of them like when I send in ingredients so they can make their own cold pizza at school Why then did I get complaints about sending in cold pizza?? They eat it at home! The white things in the small container are similar to crunchy cheetos without the dayglo orange color. There are some yogurt covered cranberries in the small container. You will notice there is no lunch for Kaitlyn. She was mad at me and I guess this was her punishment to me...not allowing me to make her lunch. She is the one who will go hungry (since I type this all up after the fact, I can tell you she did not pack her own lunch and came home ready to gnaw her own arm off)

Wednesday October 5

The cinnamon mini bagel with cream cheese was a hit with everyone. I added in some pepperoni since I felt they needed something a bit more in there. There is a cheese stick hiding under the cream cheese as well. See my comment above regarding Kaitlyn's (lack of) lunch.

Thursday October 6

Yes, she is still mad. Wow, what did I do that made her so mad ('cause, of course it is my fault) I refused to take her to the mall after she acted like a 14 year old snot and pulled a massive attitude on me. Gosh, how unreasonable of me!

I liked the lunches today mainly because I love using these bento boxes. When I make lunches, I have an idea of what I am going to put in there but sometimes, I am off. I pulled out a few more things to put in there since I was thinking I would have more room. As it turned out, I didn't need them. Hiding under the fish sandwiches (which are actually PBJ) is a mini granola bar. The popcorn looking stuff is Pirate's Booty. Two of the kids have some nutella to dip their apples into, one has peanut butter since she doesn't like nutella (and for the record, neither do I. I don't like hazelnuts) No lunch for Greg since he has a company lunch thing he is going to.

Will Kaitlyn put out her lunch tomorrow? As she got dropped off at seminary this morning, she did ask me very nicely to bring her a sandwich when I picked her up for her riding lesson. I normally do bring her a snack and water but today I will be bringing her basically a lunch (since once again, she did not make her own)

Friday October 7
Nope, no lunch box out for Kaitlyn although she is speaking to me again after finally making it to the mall. She is almost 15, I have asked her to put her lunch box out (it is still in her bag from the last time I made her lunch) I am not going to sit on top of her until she gets it done.


A light day on the lunch front since I only had to make 3. One of the kids has an appointment today so no lunch. One had requested a nutella sandwich today and got it. After I made it and was looking at lunch, I realized I also put in a chocolate pudding. He will have a chocolate fueled his teacher will thank me later. Sorry!

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